Questions & Answers About Courses

How much does it cost?

The cost is £800 for a set of 10 one-to-one sessions, each an hour in length. For those wanting to take their learning further, or to embed what they have learned, subsequent sessions can be booked at £80 per hour. A total of 12 to 14 sessions is recommended.

How is the course content covered?

The course content is both theoretical and practical – covering relevant information about anger, assertive communication and stress and giving you the chance to explore how the general information applies to you and to practice the tools covered.

I am a very private person. Can you say anything to allay my concerns?

You will not be put under pressure to talk about anything you don’t want to talk about during the sessions. Anything you choose to share is treated confidentially subject to very limited exceptions which we will explain at the start of our work together.

Do you have obligations to tell the police if I have been violent?

The law recognises the importance of people being able to speak in confidence. The basic rule is that the fact that you are working with us, your personal details and any information given by you in your sessions will be kept confidential. There are limited situations in which your confidentiality will be broken which we will happily go through with you before your first session or when we first meet.

I experience anger and conflict in my relationship.  Should my partner and I both attend?

Your partner does not need to  have his/her own set of sessions for you to benefit. If one person changes, it changes the relationship. If both of you would like to attend a set of sessions, that could be very helpful. However, insisting that one’s partner needs to attend is likely to be an additional source of frustration and conflict. It is not uncommon for someone to attend after their partner has attended.

What sorts of people attend the sessions?

The sessions are undertaken by men and women of varied ages from all different walks of life. Their shared concern is the way they react to feeling angry and being in conflict. Some consider themselves oversensitive. For some, their concern is that they explode.  For others, their concern is that they bottle up the way they feel.  Many have been told that they need to stop taking things personally or that they need to learn to love themselves.

Do you offer courses to organisations?

Courses to organisations can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and the time and budget available.