Anger Management Course

When we talk of anger at Stop Seeing Red we are thinking in terms of all feelings on the anger spectrum – of irritation as well as rage, of frustration and being cross as well as of anger.

Many of us do not always behave as we would wish when we are angry.  That may be because we become verbally, perhaps even physically, violent when we are angry.  It may be because, when we are angry, we sulk, or are passive aggressive, or “beat ourselves up”. It may be because we can’t say what we want to without crying or it may be because we freeze and let others walk all over us.  The course explains how the brain is chemically affected by anger and covers key tools of anger management, giving you the understanding and strategies you need so that you can be in control when you are angry rather than your anger controlling you.

The sources of our anger are often not where we have been looking – which explains why many of us can’t understand why we behave so disproportionately or have looked back on an argument and wondered what it was about.  On the Stop Seeing Red course we look in detail at generic sources of anger and give you the tools to reduce their effect on you.  For example, you will learn how to stop taking things personally.  We also help you to look in detail at what has been pressing your buttons, so that you can unearth and start to address the real issues. As a result, you can expect your self esteem to improve and the number of things which trigger your anger to reduce significantly.

Communication problems commonly result in feelings of stress and (whether expressed or not) to frustration and other feelings on the anger spectrum.  Anger commonly leads to communication problems and to conflict.  Once we are in control of our emotions, and understand their source, we are then in a position to begin to decide the best way to communicate and to resolve any conflict.  On the course you will learn, and have the chance to practice, vital communication skills and conflict resolution tools.

When we are stressed, we are more prone to anger: stress puts us in a chemical “hair trigger” state.  The stress reduction techniques taught on the course will help you to “lengthen your fuse”.