Course Locations

We offer courses in London and St Albans.

Course Dates

We used to offer set dates for the courses, at weekends, in set locations on a first come first served basis. For some, weekends suited, but not the set dates. There were those for whom weekends weren’t possible but weekdays would have suited. There were others for whom evening sessions would have worked best. How it now works is therefore as follows:

– You call us (or email us your details using the form below so that we can contact you) for an initial chat and to give you the opportunity to ask questions. If you wish to proceed:

  • We agree a date for your one-to-one session with a facilitator (see below), which is included in the course fee, so that you can get started with your learning. – we can nearly always offer you a slot within 7 days of your initial contact with us and, where we can, we offer a slot within a day or two.
  • You let us know:

– what course format would work for you ie weekdays and/or weekends and/or evenings and

– which of our locations (London or the Midlands) would be possible for you.

When we have a group of people interested in the same course format/the same location we will contact you and them to agree a set of dates which suit the majority – we are setting up new courses every  few weeks.

The one-to-one session is an hour in length. As well as getting you started with your learning, it is also an opportunity for you to get the feel of how we work and to meet the facilitator. If at the conclusion of the session you decide not to proceed, or if the facilitator considers the course will not be appropriate for your needs, your course fee will be refunded in full.