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Anger Management Classes & Groups

Florence Terry

I help people learn to control their anger and live calmer, happier lives through powerful and practical psycho-educational anger management classes. I’ve overcome my own anger management problem and want to help you do the same.

Before I attended an anger management programme, I struggled to control my temper. I was verbally and sometimes physically violent and felt regret and shame afterwards.
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Questions and Answers about Anger Management Classes

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Is anger management counselling the same as an anger management class?

An anger management class is not the same as anger management counselling. You can do either or both with me. You can also do a combination of the two – have anger management counselling sessions with me in which we cover material from the anger management course.

What is anger management?

The anger management programme I offer comprises a set of classes which are psycho-educational and practical and take you on a structured journey.

They help you understand from a physiological point of view:

  • why you can say or do things you regret when you’re angry;
  • why you can say things in the heat of the moment that you don’t mean; or
  • why you have aggressive thoughts or fantasies towards another person; or
  • why you have the urge to leave a relationship, job or situation when you’re angry, hurt or afraid, which seems an extreme reaction when you look back on it.

The classes explain what you can do about these reactions. They give you tools to calm down when angry and teach you how you can be assertive rather than aggressive. There are opportunities for practicing the techniques.

The anger management classes cover the main categories of things which make people angry, to help you understand why you feel as angry as you do: people are rarely angry “over nothing” and often we are angry about more than just the obvious trigger. The programme also covers what you can do to avoid getting angry as often or to such a degree, such as helping you to stop taking things personally, improving the ways you communicate, and making changes in your life.

How do I sign up for anger management classes?

If you live in the UK, you can take the anger management programme via one to one classes or in an anger management group.