Stress, Conflict & Anger Management

We all experience stress, communication problems, conflict and anger from time to time – indeed, the one often leads to the other.  Here at Stop Seeing Red, we give you the understanding and the tools to enable you to address these issues and a forum to practice what you learn.

Our Anger Management courses will help you to:

  • identify what stress you can remove (much stress is self inflicted) and take steps to do so;
  • reduce the impact on you of the unavoidable stressors in your life;
  • discover how you play your part in difficulties of communication and learn how you can speak so others can listen and listen so others will speak;
  • learn what fuels anger and conflict on the one hand and what you can do to reduce anger (in yourself and others) and conflict, and to resolve issues, on the other;
  • learn anger management so that you neither implode (harming yourself) or explode (harming others and your relationships).

For more information on stress, stress management, communication skills, conflict resolution and anger management click these links or those above.

Among the benefits you can expect to achieve as a result of your learning are improved relationships, more calm and equilibrium in your life, greater contentment, a happier and more fulfilling life (one definition of depression is “anger turned inwards”), greater self-knowledge and self-awareness, improved effectiveness and greater self esteem.

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